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Armitage / KS4

Manor Hall Academy has a new KS4 provision based at Armitage where all Year 10 and 11 pupils attend.

As the pupils move from Year 9 into KS4 a wide range of opportunities are made available to them. Pupils in Year 10 have at least 2 days per week at local colleges, small independent training providers or extended work placements, supported by staff from Armitage. The onus is on achieving qualifications and there are a variety of courses on offer to them. The school tries to cater for both interest and ability and wherever possible pupils are placed on courses which enable them to achieve both vocational and academic accreditation.

Some pupils find school more difficult than others and for this reason we sometimes offer more than the 2 days at college or on placement, - we try to be flexible in order to meet need.

As the pupils move into Y11 they are provided with opportunities to consolidate on the work done in Y10 and are placed out of school up to 5 days a week. This enables their transition to college at the end of Y11 and provides them with the confidence to become independent students.

Pupils attend local colleges as groups or individually, whilst being supported by staff from school. The range of qualifications is widened and pupils should hopefully leave school with both basic skills qualifications and vocational qualifications which are essential for pursuing education and employment after school. We employ a Transition Manager that helps the current leavers settle in to college and support them there throughout the forthcoming years, even after they have left school!

The Armitage Provision

Within Armitage pupils follow the AimAwards curriculum which is a Unit based scheme and which builds on basic skills whilst allowing them to achieve nationally recognised Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications.  All pupils will achieve Awards, Extended Awards, Certificates, Extended Certificates or Diplomas.  We have encouraged local colleges to offer the same accreditation pathway which can be combined with school accreditation to achieve higher qualifications.

Engagement activities take place including educational visits, golf, pool, fishing, swimming and other sports which contribute to the AimAward curriculum.

The school has its own careers adviser who understands the pupils' needs and throughout KS4 much work is carried out to make the transition from school to post school life easier for our young people.

If Parents / Carers require any further information

Mr M SnowdenHead of Armitage, will be pleased to discuss any related concerns or issues.