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After working hard with training around being Trauma Informed and Attatchment Aware we are pleased to announce we have received the following...



Please click on the link for current information regarding Flu Vaccinations for students. Flu Vaccinations Letter 2020

Please click on this link to access protecting your child against Flu leafletProtecting Your Child against Flu Leaflet

Loxley Lockdown Challenge

22nd January

The Loxley Hall Get me out of Here Challenge

The aim of the challenge is to secure the most stars for your class camp. 

Each week there will be a new challenge for each family to compete in or have a go at and a link will be sent to everyone so that they have access to the challenge.

Each family will contribute stars to their child's class based on how much work and effort they put in.

Once you have completed the challenge each week if you email your scores and any videos to m.davies@Loxley.manorhall.academy I will update the class scores each evening and post it on the website.

The best efforts and classes will be rewarded with prizes and shout outs.

Class teachers will be in touch to help with the challenges.

Please click HERE to find the challenges and the rules.


Lockdown announcement 4th January 2021

04th January

The school's text system has failed tonight, likely due to the surge in use following the Prime Minister's announcementof another national lockdown. The plans communicated to all parents and carers this afternoon remain the same, even though the context is somewhat different now. We will offer places in bubbles to keyworker children and the most vulnerable students. All other pupils will access home/remote learning based on access online and nature of material required for their needs and abilities. Teachers and TAs will be in touch frequently.

Free School Meal vocuhers and/or food parcels will be arranged as soon as possible.

Please contact the school if you have any conerns or queries.

David Bownds, Headteacher

COVID-19 Secure Certificate

10th June

Loxley Hall Messasge

31st May

The staff would like to pass on a message to all the students and their families during these difficult times. Please enjoy this short message to you all..

 Loxley Hall Video Message

Wider reopening of school

19th May

Recent government decisions have seen a proposed reopening of Primary Schools to some pupils from June 1st. Special Schools have received slightly different guidance. Please note the information below wich was previously sent in a letter to all parents and carers on 15th May 2020.

Special schools have received guidance that falls broadly in line with Loxley’s current provision – catering for children who have keyworker parents or fall into the ‘vulnerable’ category. I am pleased to say that your support throughout this period has been an huge help in ensuring we can support the most vulnerable pupils effectively; whether that has been at school or remotely. I think it is fair to say your collective actions have genuinely helped us keep priority pupils safeguarded. Thank you so much for this and for your patience.

The current guidance to special schools states:

Special schools, special post-16 institutions and hospital schools should work towards welcoming back as many children and young people as can be safely catered for in their setting. They may want to prioritise attendance based on key transitions and the impact on life chances and development, and to consider creating part-time attendance rotas so that as many children as possible can benefit from attending their setting. Special settings should work with local authorities and families to ensure that decisions about attendance are informed by existing risk assessments for their children and young people, which should be kept up to date.

The full document can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/actions-for-educational-and-childcare-settings-to-prepare-for-wider-opening-from-1-june-2020/actions-for-education-and-childcare-settings-to-prepare-for-wider-opening-from-1-june-2020

We are in the process of constructing a draft plan that should allow us to phase pupils back into school over time, but as the statement above indicates only ‘as many children and young people as can be safely catered for’. Within this plan we will look to prioritise attendance in line with our current principles which will seek to target those considered most vulnerable and those whose parents are keyworkers. As numbers increase it may be necessary to create a rota for attendance, this will most likely mean that all pupils invited to attend will only be afforded a part time timetable. It also means we will not be able to provide for all pupils. Any step in the phased plan is dependent on the levels of staffing available to work on-site and the success in implementing the previous phase(s); as such it is difficult at this moment in time to offer exact dates for each phase.

This phased approach will likely be greatly influenced by governmental decision making in the process and the country’s ability to meet the 5 key tests: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52374513

You will also note the guidance states that ‘decisions about attendance are informed by existing risk assessments’. There are some pupils whose behavioural profiles mean that their risk assessments relating to social distancing and/or risky behaviours call into question our ability to effectively keep all pupils and staff safe.

It is important all parents and carers understand that we will make every effort to plan for and encourage social distancing and hygiene rules and expectations, but we cannot guarantee it. There will be a ‘code of conduct’ for all pupils, which will be shared with all parties and will be consistently revisited with pupils when they are on site. Clearly, pupils who cannot abide by these rules and expectations will not be offered places on-site due to the risks they present to themselves and others.

For pupils who do not attend site, either through parental/carer choice, due to medical conditions, through self-isolation or shielding or due to risk assessment, the current remote learning and safe and well checks will continue.

Some parents and carers have expressed concern about non-attendance, fearing they may be penalised. To reassure you the guidance clearly states:

“Parents will not be fined for non-attendance at this time, and schools and colleges will not be held to account for attendance levels.”

You can see the full guidance for parents and carers here:


We will be contacting you when we are able to effectively implement these plans and discuss any arrangements that need to be made regarding your child.

Thank you again for your patience and support. We are all looking forward to returning to a full school day for all pupils as soon as possible – but I’m sure you agree that we should only do so when we can be assured it is safe to do so. I hope to be able to write to you again soon with more updates and hopefully some positive news!

Yours sincerely,

David Bownds


Coronavirus updates

29th April

All coronavirus updates will be provided via letters or newsletters on the website. Please refer to these pages:

Parental letters: https://www.loxleyhall.staffs.sch.uk/information/parent-letters

Newsletters: https://www.loxleyhall.staffs.sch.uk/information/newsletters


School server and phones not working Friday 16th January

16th January

Please note that on Friday 16th January the school server will be down for maintainence all day. This will mean that the school phones will not be working.

If you need to contact school urgently please use the following contact number:

07709 683916

Norovirus advice from Public Health England

06th December

Dear parent/carer, 

This letter has been forwarded to you from Public Health England and is to advise you of the diarrhoea and vomiting illness which is present in the community at this time of the year and what you can do to reduce the spread of the infection. 

Norovirus is commonly known as Winter Vomiting Disease and occurs commonly in the community and in schools and nurseries in particular at this time of the year.
What are the symptoms? 

• diarrhoea and vomiting usually lasting 1-2 days 

What should you do if your child is unwell? 

• Make sure they get lots of rest. 

• Ensure they drink plenty of fluids, taking sips rather than gulps to avoid vomiting. 

• Give infant Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, according to product instructions, to help keep their temperature down. 

• If your child is unusually sleepy, won’t take fluids or has other symptoms, such as blood in their diarrhoea, an unusual rash, headache, neck stiffness or difficulty breathing, ring NHS Direct 

(0845 4647), contact your GP or take your child to hospital. 
• Please ring your child’s nursery/ school and let them know that your child is ill and what symptoms they have. 

• Keep them at home until they are well enough to return to school. However, if your child has been suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting keep them at home until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours. 

How can you prevent the spread of these infections? 
Hand washing is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of both of these infections. This applies to the child who is ill and the person looking after them. Hands should always be washed, using liquid soap if possible: 

• Before and after caring for your child. 

• After using the toilet. 

• Before eating or handling food. 

• After cleaning up a mess (vomit, faeces or urine). 

Other ways of preventing the spread of infection are to: 
• Keep a separate towel for family members who have symptoms. 

• Dispose promptly of used tissues and other items that your child may have coughed or sneezed on. 

• Wash soiled clothing, bed linen and towels in a washing machine. Use the hottest wash for that fabric. 

• Clean baths and washbasins thoroughly and disinfect after use. 

• If cleaning up diarrhoea or vomit, wash the surface with hot soapy water and disinfect before allowing to dry. If using bleach remember that it can remove the colour from fabrics and can burn the skin. 

Keep your child away from other children and people that are particularly vulnerable, e.g. the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. 


Yours faithfully


Mr D Bownds

School closure - Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th December

04th December

Sincere apologies to all pupils, parents and carers as the school has now necessarily shut fo the sencind day. The problems with the boilers has proved to be more complex and harder to solve than previously thought. Engineers have been on site and work is underway to reopen as soon as possible. In the meantime the Armitage site and Community Gardnening activities will continue. Parents and carers will be kept informed as to Friday's opening.

New Age Curling Competition

05th July

New Age Curling Competition

On Tuesday 2nd July we entered the New Age Curling Competition at the Vision Centre in Chesterton. The competition is organised specifically for students who may not have the opportunity or the desire to take part in sporting activities inside or outside of the school setting.

Upon arrival, pupils were shown the technique required to participate in the activity and the rules surrounding the sport. It was then time to practice the activity as a school which the pupils thoroughly enjoyed and demonstrated a positive approach to a sport that none had ever participated in. It was in this practice that hopes of a positive outcome in the competition started to be seen. Pupils were applying the coaching they received to perform the skills of drawing the stone to the target, blocking and taking out opponents stones to a good standard.

In the competition, the 7 Loxley pupils were split into two teams and joined the other four teams from Portland School and Cicely School. The competition was played in a round robin format and each team played every other team once. Both Loxley teams started with a win which made pupil’s confidence soar for the remainder of the competition. Loxley team 1 played 5 matches and won 1, drew 2 and lost 2, whereas Loxley Team 2 won 3 and drew 2, going unbeaten in the tournament. At the end of the competition, all the participants waited nervously for the final results. The final result for 1st place went on point difference. Loxley Team 2 were tied with Cicely team 1 for the top spot. The organisers were pleased to announce that Loxley Team 2 had a two point better difference overall and were crowned the first ever champions of the New Age Curling Competition held by Attend. Congratulations to the winning team of Kieran Carrigan, Carl Ratcliffe and Ben Rogers for their victory, however congratulations is well deserved to all members of both teams who displayed a fantastic attitude towards an activity that they had no experience in before. A thoroughly enjoyable day for and the boys are looking forward to defending their title next year.

A big thank you to Peter Hogg from attend for organising the event and to his coaching staff for their input with the children during the day. Also a thank you to Mrs Gray and Mrs Tillson for their support with the pupils at the competition and we will look forward to next year’s competition and other competitions ran by attend next academic year.

Mr C Matthews

We love Uttoxeter!

21st June

Representatives from Renew Church in Uttoxeter visited Loxley Hall on 21st June as part of their 'We love Uttoxeter' week. The visitors held an assembly where they talked about how and why the church loves Uttoxeter and they also brought a variety of gifts for the school. This incuded sports equipment and sweets for the boys and mugs and biscuits for the staff. 

In response to a request by some students to provide the opportunity to have their hair cut someone from Renew Church kindly offered their services as a qualified hairdresser. This was very much appreciated by the boys who took the opportunity and they are keen for them all to come again soon!

Many thanks from all of the boys and staff at Loxley Hall for making the effort to visit and make us feel part of the community being loved by Renew Church!

Loxley supports charity's trip to South Africa

28th March

In the February half term Mr Bownds was invited to South Africa to support a team from the One by One charity. The invitation came from Matt Murray who alongside his wife Becky founded One by One.  Matt is the school’s residential independent visitor, so has regularly visited the school over the last 2 years.

The team were delivering ‘The Dignity Project’ which works in schools to educate young people about human trafficking, while developing understanding of sexual exploitation and some of the methods traffickers use. All 900 of the girls reached during the week were given a Dignity bag with information, underwear and reusable sanitary products which will allow each of them to stay in school throughout the academic year. Girls in the townships often miss a week of school each month due to their periods, meaning they lose a vital part of their education.

The boys in 9.3- Regan, Drew, Cameron, Kyle, Charlie, Joe, Harvey and Leon welcomed Bri and Katie from One by One into school where they engaged in a lesson about the project. They asked questions and expressed a desire to help the charity directly. As a result a fund raising day was organised which allowed the boys to present Matt and Becky with nearly £100 as a donation. This covered the cost of 10 Dignity bags!

While there Mr Bownds presented one of the schools with letters from the boys in 9.3 and taught a lesson. The class teacher promised all 200 boys in the class would send a reply!

Mr Bownds teaching a lesson

So many thanks to all of 9.3, Mrs Proctor and Mr Thomson for their efforts in raising the profile of the charity’s work and being so caring and generous.

Link to The Dignity Project homepage

Ofsted Inspection outcome

29th June

Following our recent education Ofsted inspection on 7th June 2018 I am pleased to announce we maintained our 'Good' judgement.

You can read the report here.

I would like to thank all the students who acquitted themselves so well during the inspection. In lessons, interviews with inspectors and their wider contribution to the school the boys at Loxley Hall were integral in the outcome and should be proud of themselves and their school.

I would also like to thank the staff team who handled the pressures of the inspection admirably; parents and carers who spoke so highly of the Loxley Hall to the inspectors and also the school governors for supporting the senior leaders  and school development so well.

I feel the judgment was fair and well-reasoned. It reflects some of the excellent work the school does and offers some constructive criticisms about where we can improve our provision. I look forward to our next inspection when we can demonstrate our desire to keep developing  and striving for the best outcomes for every student.

Mr D Bownds

Thank you letter from Stem 4

14th June

The charity Stem 4 have written to Loxley Hall to thank the students and staff for the money raised during Mental Health Awareness Week in May.

You can read the letter here.

Well done to all the students and staff who took part and contributed to this valuable charity!

Loxley Hall Ofsted Inspection June 2018

07th June

Loxley Hall is welcoming Ofsted inspectors on 7th June 2018 for a 'Section 8' education inspection.

The letter to parents and carers can be found here.

Guidance for parents and carers can be found here. 

Parents and Carers can complete Ofsted's online survey. Parent View, at: www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk.

If you have any questions about the inspection or would like adivice on the information listed above then please feel free to contact the headteacher, Mr David Bownds on the school number - 01889 723050

Mental Health Awareness Week

21st May

Last week Loxley Hall engaged in a national 'Mental Health Awareness Week'. The school council chose to arrange some fund raising activities for the Mental Health Charity 'Stem 4'.

The staff and students did a fantastic job in helping arrange and run the following activities - all designed to promote positive mental health.

  • A mile for a smile walk - a 1 mile around the school grounds.
  • Daily challenge to do something nice for someone.
  • Cake sale with 'Cake and a chat'.
  • A sponsored non-uniform day.
  • Dominic made a 'Tree of Hope' for which he stripped a tree trunk and used dowels to make branches.  Pupils and staff were then given tags to write inspirational or personal messages - these will be hung on the tree of hope in the ESU garden.
  • Mr Oakley's wife made some Mental Health Awareness ribbons for staff to buy and wear.

In all it was a very engaging, positive week and over £140 was raised for Stem4.

You can learn more about Stem 4 here.


Loxley Hall supports One By One

01st May

One By One is a global charity led by the Loxley Hall's Residential Independent Visitor Matt Murray and his wife Becky. Matt and Becky live locally and lead a church in Uttoxeter.

As part of the school's commitment to promoting positive mental health and in support of a Christmas appeal by One By One Loxley has held 3 seperate fund raising events. As a result over £400 has been given to One By One by Loxley Hall. The money was used to buy uniform for some students at King's Children's home in Bumala, Kenya which provides education and care for young people who have been orpaned and were at risk of starvation and child labour. 

The students at King's sent the Loxley boys this video.

'Thank you Loxley Boys for the uniforms'

Well done to Kian and Alfie who were the driving force behind the fund raising events!



School closure

01st March

Loxley Hall is closed today (01.03.18) due to bad weather conditions and heavy snow across the county. Travel is dangerous and as such the senior leaders and school governors felt it safest to close the site to staff and students. Apologies for any invconvenience.

Welcome to our new Website

07th December

Welcome to our new school website.  Please feel free to have a look around and let us know your thoughts.