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“Building Relationships, Celebrating Success, Promoting Change”


Senior Leadership

Mr D Bownds
Executive Head Teacher
Mr M Snowden
Head of School/Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs T Bullock
Curriculum Lead
Mr J Alcock
Assistant Head/ SENCO
Mr A Teague
Head of Care/Deputy DSL

Teaching Staff

Mr E Newman
Key Stage 4
Miss H Gladwin
Mr C Mathews
Key stage 3
Mrs J Proctor
Key stage 3
Mrs G Deakin
Key Stage 3
S Evans
Mrs B Smith
Key Stage 3
Mrs T Degg
Key Stage 3
Mr E Daragheh
Key Stage 4
Mr A Toothill
Key Stage 3
Mr M Davies
Key Stage 4
Mr D Boulton
Key Stage 4

Support Staff

Mrs J Riley
Senior Teaching Assistant (LSU)
Mrs S O'Donnell
Attendance and Inclusion Officer
Mr C Marshall
Vocational Development Officer
E McCullagh
Senior Family Support Worker
Mr D Cook
Inclusion Officer KS3
Mr K Oakley
Inclusion Officer KS3
Mr R Kizis
Attendance Intervention Manager/Deputy DSL
Mrs D Redgate
Nurture Manager
Mr B Nettleton
Inclusion Officer KS4

Teaching Assistants: KS4

Ms S Arnold
Mrs T Graney
Mr D Moore
Mrs R Plant
Key stage 4

Teaching Assistants: KS3

Mr P Ratcliffe
Mrs A Thompson
Mrs P Seabridge
Mrs M Batista-Cabrera
Mr D Thompson
Ms S Croft
Transition Officer
Mr Nathan Cooper
Mrs Tracie Allcock

Residential Staff

Ms J Gray
Mr M Millington
Deputy Head of Care
Ms H Murphy
Generic Support Worker
Mr P Talbot
Generic Support Worker
Mr K Hanks
Generic Support Worker
Mr T Price
Generic Support Worker

Facilities Staff

Mr Matthew Oldfield

Office Staff

Mrs K White
Clerical Assistant
Mr C Challinor
Office Manager
Mrs E Smith
Clerical Assistant SENCO

Catering Staff

Mrs M Guyah
Mrs T Machin
Catering Assistant
Mrs L Edwards
Assistant Catering Supervisor