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New Age Curling Competition - 05/07/2019

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New Age Curling Competition

On Tuesday 2nd July we entered the New Age Curling Competition at the Vision Centre in Chesterton. The competition is organised specifically for students who may not have the opportunity or the desire to take part in sporting activities inside or outside of the school setting.

Upon arrival, pupils were shown the technique required to participate in the activity and the rules surrounding the sport. It was then time to practice the activity as a school which the pupils thoroughly enjoyed and demonstrated a positive approach to a sport that none had ever participated in. It was in this practice that hopes of a positive outcome in the competition started to be seen. Pupils were applying the coaching they received to perform the skills of drawing the stone to the target, blocking and taking out opponents stones to a good standard.

In the competition, the 7 Loxley pupils were split into two teams and joined the other four teams from Portland School and Cicely School. The competition was played in a round robin format and each team played every other team once. Both Loxley teams started with a win which made pupil’s confidence soar for the remainder of the competition. Loxley team 1 played 5 matches and won 1, drew 2 and lost 2, whereas Loxley Team 2 won 3 and drew 2, going unbeaten in the tournament. At the end of the competition, all the participants waited nervously for the final results. The final result for 1st place went on point difference. Loxley Team 2 were tied with Cicely team 1 for the top spot. The organisers were pleased to announce that Loxley Team 2 had a two point better difference overall and were crowned the first ever champions of the New Age Curling Competition held by Attend. Congratulations to the winning team of Kieran Carrigan, Carl Ratcliffe and Ben Rogers for their victory, however congratulations is well deserved to all members of both teams who displayed a fantastic attitude towards an activity that they had no experience in before. A thoroughly enjoyable day for and the boys are looking forward to defending their title next year.

A big thank you to Peter Hogg from attend for organising the event and to his coaching staff for their input with the children during the day. Also a thank you to Mrs Gray and Mrs Tillson for their support with the pupils at the competition and we will look forward to next year’s competition and other competitions ran by attend next academic year.

Mr C Matthews