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Mrs B Smith (b.smith@loxley.manorhall.academy 01889723050) is developing our whole school careers programme in consultation with Sashsa O'regan and Sarah O'Donnell our Transition team.  

The school is structuring a follow-through programme where younger pupils understand what will be required of them in terms of qualifications as they enter KS4 and beyond.  The AimAward programme builds on life-skills and combines these with academic work to enable pupils to work towards achieving a L1 Diploma before they leave school. 

Entrust work alongside the school to help pupils investigate post school opportunities and they continue this support into KS5.  Jo Emberson tracks pupils’ career pathways and encourages past pupils to visit the school to describe their progress in the jobs market. 

School keep NEET figures for all our school leavers and are proud of the success our pupils have in finding suitable post school options. 

Mrs Smith organises a whole school careers day and encourages enterprise projects within school, the onus being on functional skills and how these skills can be transferred into the real world. 

Parents are invited to all annual review meetings and long-term plans for pupils are mapped out within their EHCPs.  Transitional reviews take into account the specific needs of pupils in relation to what options are and will be available to them at various key stages in their development including careers guidance. 

Careers impact is assessed through pupil, staff and parent questionnaires. Impact is also assessed by the school NEET figures.

Careers Gatsby measures are reviewed twice yearly and all other careers information is reviewed annually.

Mr M Snowden, Head of School, will be pleased to discuss any related concerns or issues.

Please find below the Intent and Implement statement  and the programme of study for the upcoming Careers course at Loxley hall.

Intent implement statement 

Careers Programme

Careers lead: Mrs B Smith

Email: b.smith@loxley.manorhall.academy